1. Off Land
    Boston, Massachusetts
  2. The Fragile Fate
    Woodstock, New York
  3. Si Matthews
    Stafford, UK
  4. Motionfield
  5. Ambidextrous
    Russian Federation
  6. Faex Optim
    Edinburgh, UK
  7. Jacob Newman
  8. Thomas P. Heckmann
    Mainz, Germany
  9. drøn
  10. socratako.
  11. David Morley
    Brussels, Belgium
  12. Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami
    England, UK
  13. nacht plank
  14. Ümlaut
    New York, New York
  15. Memex
    Matsumoto, Japan
  16. Ethernet
  17. Gapfield
  18. Solipsism
    Glasgow, UK
  19. Gabriel Le Mar
    Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
  20. Specta Ciera & Arbee
    Lévis, Québec
  21. Architects of Existence
    Rochester, New York
  22. Aythar
    Budapest, Hungary
  23. Moss Garden
    Ashburton, UK
  24. Multicast
    Larkspur, Colorado
  25. Mick Chillage
    Dublin, Ireland
  26. Krystian Shek
  27. Autumn Of Communion
  28. Lorenzo Montanà
    Bologna, Italy


Carpe Sonum Records Boulder, Colorado

We're here because of Pete Namlook. We were the North American distributor of FAX and decided to pay tribute to him with an 8-CD boxed set entitled Die Welt ist Klang. Since we couldn't release that box on FAX, we started Carpe Sonum.

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