1. The In Sound from Way Out!
    Dividenthal & Aumgn

  2. What Was Before?
    Krystian Shek

  3. RCO - Radical Chill Out

  4. Verba Volant, Musica Manent

  5. A Frozen Stream

  6. Across the Ether
    Si Matthews

  7. Iso Le
    Lorenzo Montanà

  8. Breathe
    Massimo Vivona

  9. Unified Formations
    Specta Ciera & Arbee

  10. Room with No Walls
    Khamsa Khala

  11. Between the Endless Silence
    Mick Chillage

  12. Kismet

  13. In Musicorum Sanitas

  14. Among Trees I Want to Live
    Gabriel Le Mar

  15. Quantized Memories

  16. Portal
    Lingua Lustra

  17. al-Qāhirah
    Krystian Shek

  18. Outside of Time

  19. Biospherica
    Jacob Newman

  20. Look Around You
    Faex Optim

  21. Afterglow (+ Relics)
    Off Land

  22. Biomechanical

  23. Relics
    Off Land

  24. Musica Non Verba

  25. Réchauffé

  26. Architects of Existence
    Architects of Existence

  27. Flashin' On
    Gabriel Le Mar

  28. Vasco da Gama

  29. scʳ tk°

  30. Ego te Audio

  31. Memory Index

  32. The Lost Tales Vol. V
    Thomas P. Heckmann

  33. Geek Mythology

  34. Deviazioni Cosmiche
    Lorenzo Montanà and Mick Chillage

  35. The Origin of Storms
    David Morley

  36. Deviazioni Cosmiche
    Lorenzo Montanà + Mick Chillage

  37. Alien
    nacht plank

  38. (M)odes
    Mick Chillage

  39. Sonitus Liberabit Vos

  40. Astronautica

  41. Bahian Coastal Highway

  42. Sonitas Omnia Vincit

  43. Lilliam Ocean
    The Fragile Fate

  44. Tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a
    Faex Optim

  45. Downgliding

  46. Ghosts
    Thomas P. Heckmann

  47. Our STOLEN Wilderness Projector

  48. Sending the Past

  49. Ouija

  50. Dum spiro audire

  51. Comm

  52. Live on the Roadblog
    Saafi Brothers

  53. Stripped
    Gabriel Le Mar

  54. Luftrum

  55. Audio ergo sum

  56. Sinine Platoo

  57. Tales of Ten Worlds
    Si Matthews

  58. Veni, Vidi, Audivi

  59. Autumn of Communion 4
    Autumn Of Communion

  60. The Lost Tales Vol. IV
    Thomas P. Heckmann

  61. OI

  62. Sometimes Not
    Krystian Shek

  63. Pauca Sed Bona: A(nother) Sampler of Upcoming Releases

  64. The Longing Daylight
    Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami

  65. Soni Non Verba (A Sampler of Currently Available Carpe Sonum Releases)

  66. Haemus
    Lorenzo Montanà

  67. Sampler of Upcoming Releases

  68. In the Silence of the Subconscious
    Moss Garden

  69. Saudade
    Mick Chillage

  70. The Lost Tales Vol. III
    Thomas P. Heckmann

  71. Indiana Drones
    Indiana Drones


Carpe Sonum Records Boulder, Colorado

We're here because of Pete Namlook. We were the North American distributor of FAX and decided to pay tribute to him with an 8-CD boxed set entitled Die Welt ist Klang. Since we couldn't release that box on FAX, we started Carpe Sonum.

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